This page includes archived news releases, which are listed in chronologic order with the newest being first.

Archived News Releases

01/19/15 - Pizza: A Major Contributor of Fat, Calories, Sodium to Youth Diet

11/17/14 - Few Students Attend Schools Meeting Nutrition Standards

07/21/14 - School Leaders Report Widespread Student Acceptance of Healthier Lunches, Studies Find

05/21/14 - More than Half of States Have Head Start on Federal ‘Smart Snacks in School’ Nutrition Standards

01/13/14 - Students of All Ages Exposed to Food, Beverage Marketing in U.S. Public Schools

06/10/13 - States, School Districts Help Keep Junk Foods and Sugary Drinks Out of Elementary Schools

03/12/13 - State Laws Aimed at Improving School Meals Help Teens Eat More Fruits and Vegetables, New Study Finds

08/13/12 - Strong State Laws on School Snacks, Drinks May Help Prevent Weight Gain, New Study Finds

08/06/12 - Availability of Sugary Sodas in U.S. Middle and High Schools Declines Significantly

07/02/12 - Elementary Schools Removing Sugary Drinks, Limiting Beverage Sales to Healthy Choices

05/07/12 - California High School Students Consuming Fewer Calories at School

04/20/12 - Nearly All School District Policies for Foods Sold Outside of Meals Fall Short of Nation’s Dietary Guidelines

02/06/12 - Nearly Half of Nation’s Youngest Students Can Buy Junk Foods at School

12/05/11 - Schools Most Likely to Offer More Time for  Physical Education When States Require It

11/07/11 - Teens Buy Fewer Sugary Drinks at School When States Ban All Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, Not Just Sodas

08/01/11 - Self-Regulation by Food and Beverage Industry Does Little to Reduce Kids’ Exposure to Unhealthy TV Ads

12/14/10 - Smoking Stops Declining and Shows Signs of Increasing Among Younger Teens

11/01/10 - High Calorie Beverages Remain Widely Available in U.S. Elementary Schools

08/10/10 - New Study Shows School District Wellness Policies Fail to Restrict Student Access to Unhealthy Foods and Beverages

07/19/10 - Overweight Adults Face Increased Health, Economic Challenges

07/05/10 - Children and Teens Seeing Fewer Television Ads for Fruit Drinks, Regular Sodas and Sweets

06/08/10 - Unhealthy Foods and Beverages Widely Available and Physical Activity Options Lacking in U.S. Elementary Schools

05/28/10 - New Study Examines How Neighborhoods Impact Physical Activity and Obesity Among Teens

07/28/09 - Landmark Study Reveals Majority of District Wellness Policies Fail to Provide Healthy School Environment for Kids

09/25/07 - New Studies Show Children Surrounded by Unhealthy Options

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