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News Release: "Pizza: A Major Contributor of Fat, Calories, Sodium to Youth Diet"

01/18/15 - (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Pizza’s Snack Appeal Leads to Big Impact on Children’s Bodies

01/19/15 - (HealthDay)
Pizza Takes a Slice Out of Kids' Health, Study Finds

01/19/15 - (Los Angeles Times)
Experts Zero in on Pizza as Prime Target in War on Childhood Obesity

01/20/15 - (ABC7 Eyewitness News)
UIC Study Shows Adverse Effects of Pizza on Youth

01/20/15 - (Reuters)
Pizza Days Boost Kids' Calorie and Fat Intake

News Release: "Few Students Attend Schools Meeting Nutrition Standards"

11/17/14 - (Reuters)
Few Schools Adhered to USDA Nutrition Standards Before 2013

11/17/14 - (Science Daily)
Small Fraction of Students Attended Schools with USDA Nutrition Components

News Release: "School Leaders Report Widespread Student Acceptance of Healthier Lunches, Studies Find"

7/21/14 - (New York Times)
Research Suggests Students Adjusting to New School Lunches

7/21/14 - (TIME)
School Administrators: Kids Like Healthy Lunches Just Fine

7/22/14 - (Mother Jones)
Study Finds Kids Prefer Healthier Lunches. School Food Lobby Refuses to Believe It.

7/23/14 - (Wall Street Journal)
Study Finds Elementary Students Like New Healthier Lunches

7/24/14 - (The Hill)
School Nutrition Association Dismisses New Studies that Find Kids Like Healthier Food

7/28/14 - (HealthDay)
Healthy School Lunches Get Thumbs Up From Students

7/30/14 - (Reuters)
Kids are Accepting Healthier School Lunches: Survey

News Release: "Strong State Laws on School Snacks, Drinks May Help Prevent Weight Gain, New Study Finds"

08/20/12 - (Daily Mail- UK)
Number of Obese Schoolchildren Slows in States With 'Fat Laws'... And 1 in 5 Are Still Far Too Overweight

08/14/12 - (Fox Business)
Do Junk Food Laws Curb Childhood Obesity?

08/13/12 - (New York Times)
Study Links Healthier Weight in Children With Strict Laws on School Snacks

08/13/12 - (NPR)
Study Finds Snack, Soda Regulations In Schools Help Kids' Health

08/13/12 - (Time)
Can Laws Against Junk Food in Schools Rein In Child Obesity?

08/13/12 - (CBS News)
School Vending Machine Laws Would Help Kids Lose Weight, Study Shows

News Release: "Elementary Schools Removing Sugary Drinks, Limiting Beverage Sales to Healthy Choices"

07/06/12 - (Los Angeles Times)
Fewer School Kids Can Buy Sugary Drinks At School

07/05/12 - (U.S. News)
U.S. Schools Throwing the Book at Unhealthy Drinks

News Release: "California High School Students Consuming Fewer Calories at School"

05/11/12 - (CNN)
Battling Junk Food in High Schools

05/10/12 - (NPR)
Why It Matters That California Teens Eat Less Than Their Peers

05/09/12 - (The Washington Post)
Have California Schools Cracked the Code on Obesity?

05/09/12 - (ABC7 News)
California Crackdown on Junk Food in Schools Paying Off

05/08/12 - (Los Angeles Times)
Teens in California, Which Patrols School Food, Eat Less Fat, Sugar

05/08/12 - (New York Times)
Bans on School Junk Food Pay Off in California

News Release: "Nearly Half of Nation's Youngest Children Can Buy Junk Foods at School”

02/06/12 - (CNN)
Access to Unhealthy Snacks at School Unchanged

02/06/12 - (Washington Post)
Junk Food Widely Available At U.S. Elementary Schools Despite Anti-Obesity Push

02/07/12 - (Reuters)
Snack Bars and Junk Food Common In Schools: Study

News Release: "Schools Most Likely to Offer More Time for Physical Education When States Require It"

12/07/11 - (Time Magazine)
Childhood Obesity: Most U.S. Schools Don’t Require P.E. Class or Recess

12/05/11 - (Reuters)
Recess and PE Policies Mean More Activity for Kids

News Release: "Teens Buy Fewer Sugary Drinks at School When States Ban All Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, Not Just Sodas"

11/07/11 - (New York Times)
Soda Bans in Schools Have Limited Impact

11/07/11 - (Bloomberg)
Banning Sugary Soda From Schools Fails to Cut Teen Consumption

11/07/11 - (The Wall Street Journal)
Study Shows Sugary-Drink Ban in Schools Doesn’t Cut Consumption

11/07/11 - (The Boston Globe)
Banning Sugary Drinks From Schools Does Not Decrease Consumption, Study Finds

11/07/11 - (HealthDay)
School Soda Bans Don't Keep Kids From Sugary Drinks

News Release: "Self-Regulation by Food and Beverage Industry Does Little to Reduce Kids' Exposure to Unhealthy TV Ads"

08/03/11 - (Los Angeles Times)
Healthy Food for Kids? Not On TV Commercials, Study Finds

08/03/11 - (Wall Street Journal)
Progress, Not Perfection, on Reducing Kids’ Exposure to Ads for Unhealthful Foods

08/03/11 - (New York Times)
Can Big Food Regulate Itself? Fat Chance

08/03/11 - (The Augusta Chronicle)
Food Ads Still Bombard Kids

08/03/11 - (Healthy Day)
Kids Still See Unhealthy-Food Ads on TV, Study Finds

08/03/11 - (Medical News Today)
Children's Exposure To Unhealthy TV Ads Not Reduced Through Self-regulation By Food And Beverage Industry

News Release: "High Calorie Beverages Remain Widely Available in U.S. Elementary Schools"

11/02/10 - (Crain’s Cleveland Business)
What's the Deal with Cleveland? The Deal Knows

11/02/10 - (eMaxHealth)
Elementary Schools Still Supports Sugary Drinks

11/02/10 - (Food Safety News)
Students Still Get Too Many Sugary Beverages

11/02/10 - (Medical Daily)
More Unhealthy Beverages Available at Schools

11/02/10 - (Medical News Today)
Unhealthy High Calorie Drinks Still Widely Available In US Public Elementary Schools

11/02/10 - (The Money Times)
High Calorie Drinks Widely Available in US Schools--Survey

11/02/10 - (SmartPlanet)
School Soda Glass Still Half-Full

11/01/10 - (American Beverage Association)
American Beverage Association Statement

11/01/10 - (Center for Science in the Public Interest)
New School Beverage Study Shows Need for Child Nutrition Bill

11/01/10 - (HealthDay/BusinessWeek)
High-Calorie Drinks Still Widely Sold in U.S. Elementary Schools

11/01/10 - (Organic Authority)
High-Calorie Beverages Still Widely Available in U.S. Elementary Schools

11/01/10 - (OzarksFirst)
More High-Calorie Drinks Available In Schools

11/01/10 - (ParentDish)
Think Your Kids Kicked the Soda Habit? Better Check School's Cafeteria, Survey Says

11/01/10 - (Reuters)
Sweet Drinks Widely Available in Schools: Study

11/01/10 - (U.S. News & World Report)
Soda at School: How Parents Can Get Kids to Choose Healthier Drinks

11/01/10 - (USA Today)
School Kids Still Have Access to Sugary Drinks, Whole Milk

11/01/10 - (Wall Street Journal Health Blog)
Study: Elementary Schoolers Have Access to High-Fat, Sugary Drinks at School

11/01/10 - (WebMD)
Schools Still Keen on Sugary Sodas

News Release: "Overweight Adults Face Increased Health, Economic Challenges"

07/28/10 - (NPR)
Impact Of Childhood Obesity Goes Beyond Health

07/27/10 - (Clarin)
El sobrepeso también puede causar problemas económicos

07/27/10 - (The New Health Dialogue)
OBESITY: Feeling Kind of Fat? We Bet There's an App

07/26/10 - (Med Page Today)
Persistent Heaviness May Bring Higher Risk of Midlife Problems

07/22/10 - (New York Times)
Extra Weight Adds to Economic Woes

News Release: "New Study Examines How Neighborhoods Impact Physical Activity and Obesity Among Teen"

06/07/10 - (The Center for Consumer Freedom)
Standing on Solid Ground Against Obesity

05/31/10 - (The Washington Post)
Your Neighborhood May Affect Your Teen's Weight

05/28/10 - (Newswise)
Consider Teen Activity Options When Choosing Where to Live

Other Media Coverage

07/23/11 - (New York Times)
Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables

11/03/10 - (UIC News)
Lisa Powell Promotes Healthier Choices for Children

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