Research Briefs

Bridging the Gap launched a research brief series to share quick and concise research results, as well as policy implications, on a range of topics. These briefs report on findings from all of our major data collection and analysis activities, including those examining state laws, local policies, community environments, school practices, and much more. Research brief titles are listed below in order by publication date.

Research Briefs

How to Reduce Sugary Drink Consumption among Latino Kids (BTG/Salud America! Issue Brief) (English/Spanish) (December 2016)

School Fundraisers: Positive Changes in Foods Sold, but Room for Improvement Remains (March 2016)

Zoning for Healthy Food Access Varies by Community Locale (March 2016)

Restricting Mobile Vendors Near Schools (March 2016)

Incentive Policies That Can Create Opportunities for Physical Activity (February 2016)

Disparities in Active Living Zoning Nationwide (February 2016)

Active Travel to School: Percentage of Students Living in Areas with Supportive Policies (February 2016)

Disparities in Shared Use Agreements, Policies, and Plans (February 2016)

Availability of Healthy Food Products at Check-out Nationwide, 2010–2012 (November 2015)

Prepared Foods Sold in Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, and Convenience Stores (November 2015)

Is It Enough to Just Ban Soda from Schools to Reduce Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages? (August 2015)

Physical Education Professionals Play a Key Role in Promoting Important Physical Activity Practices in Elementary Schools (June 2015)

Improvements in School Lunches Result in Healthier Options for Millions of U.S. Children (April 2015)

Availability of Local Public Recreational Facilities and Programs for Physical Activity (April 2015)

Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax Avoidance: Lessons from Cigarettes Taxes (March 2015)

Will the USDA’s School Food Standards Make a Difference in Childhood Obesity? (December 2014)

Most US Public Elementary Schools Provide Students Only Minimal Time to Eat Lunch (October 2014)

Targeting Food and Beverage TV Ads at Minority and Low Income Children (October 2014)

Improving Access to Drinking Water in Schools (October 2014)

Creating Supportive School Nutrition Environments (October 2014)

Addressing Weight Status Measurements in Schools (October 2014)

Marketing and Promotion of Foods and Beverages at School (October 2014)

Supporting Quality Physical Education and Physical Activity in Schools (October 2014)

Supporting Recess in Elementary Schools (October 2014)

School Vending Machine Policies & Student Dietary Behaviors (August 2014)

Student Reactions During the First Year of Updated School Lunch Nutrition Standards (July 2014)

Students Eat More Fruits and Green Vegetables when Schools Offer Higher Fruit, Vegetable, and Salad Accessibility (June 2014)

Commercial Supplier Involvement Associated with More Low-Nutrient, Energy-Dense Food Availability and Less Fruit and Vegetable Availability in School Vending Machines (June 2014)

Availability of Drinking Water in U.S. Public School Cafeterias (April 2014)

State Sales Taxes on Regular Soda as of January 2014 (April 2014)

State Sales Taxes on Bottled Water as of January 2014 (April 2014)

School Garden Programs Are on the Rise in U.S. Public Elementary Schools, but Are Less Common in Schools with Economically Disadvantaged Student Populations (March 2014)

Elementary School Participation in Safe Routes to School Programming Is Associated with Higher Rates of Student Active Travel to School (March 2014)

Changes in E-Cigarette Availability Over Time in the United States: 2010-2012 (March 2014)

Taxing Sugary Drinks: Will This Really Result in Job Losses? (joint BTG/HER Issue Brief) (February 2014)

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Prices: Estimates from a National Sample of Food Outlets (January 2014)

School-Based Commercialism Higher in Schools with Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Student Populations (January 2014)

Sugary Drinks and Latino Kids (joint BTG/Salud America! Issue Brief) (September 2013)

Youth-Focused Food Marketing: Examining the Spending Trends (joint BTG/Rudd Center Issue Brief) (August 2013)

Competitive Foods and Beverages in Elementary School Classrooms (April 2013)

Beverage Availability in Food Stores Nationwide (February 2013)

Child-Directed Marketing Within and Around Fast-Food Restaurants (December 2012)

Cigarette Pricing Differs by U.S. Neighborhoods (December 2012)

Sports Participation in Secondary Schools: Resources Available and Inequalities in Participation (September 2012)

Beverages Sold in Public Schools: Some Encouraging Progress, Additional Improvements are Needed (August 2012)

Influence of Competitive Food and Beverage Policies on Children’s Diets and Childhood Obesity (joint BTG/HER Issue Brief) (July 2012)

Activity Breaks: A Promising Strategy for Keeping Children Physically Active at School (May 2012)

Zoning for Healthy Food Access Varies by Community Income (April 2012)

Using Local Land Use Laws to Facilitate Physical Activity (March 2012)

Income Disparities in Street Features that Encourage Walking (March 2012)

Exterior Marketing Practices of Fast-Food Restaurants (March 2012)

Joint Use Agreements: Creating Opportunities for Physical Activity (February 2012)

Improving School Foods Through the Team Nutrition Program: New Findings from U.S. Elementary Schools (November 2011)

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes and Public Health (joint BTG/HER Research Brief) (July 2009)

Local School Wellness Policies: How Are Schools Implementing the Congressional Mandate? (RWJF Research Brief) (June 2009)

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