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Associations between Retail Food Store Exterior Advertisements and Community Demographic and Socioeconomic Composition

Isgor Z, Powell LM, Rimkus LM, Chaloupka FJ. Health & Place, 2016. [E-pub ahead of print]

This paper examines the association between the prevalence of various types of outdoor food and beverage advertising found on the building exteriors and properties of retail food outlets and community racial/ethnic and socioeconomic composition in a nationwide sample of food outlets in the U.S. Our major finding from multivariable analysis is that food stores in low-income communities have higher prevalence of all food and beverage ads, including those for unhealthy products such as regular soda, controlling for community racial/ethnic composition and other covariates. This adds to growing research pointing to socioeconomic disparities in food and beverage marketing exposure.

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